My name is Rachel, a Boston native making my home in Pittsburgh. If you ask where I’ve lived, I’ll tell you some combination of: Boston; Pittsburgh; Delaware, OH; Les Cayes, Haiti; and Pune, India and Bangkok, Thailand.

I started this blog in 2012 when I traveled for the first time on my own. That July, I flew from my beloved, murky Atlantic to a sunny island in the middle of the Pacific on a research grant to Oahu. I learned a lot about myself and my perspectives of the world on that trip. Since then this blog has been a place for me to sort through some of my thoughts about travel and the big questions it raises. What began as a site for me to share travel tips has become something much more reflective and valuable to me as I process my thoughts. Since those early experiences, I have spent time studying much of what interested, confused, excited, and angered me academically as I earned a Master of Social Work and Master of International Development and a 200-hour yoga teacher certification.

I’ll always be learning. The world is such a diverse, beautiful, grieving, and triumphant place and I continue to search for my small place in it. I love to write as a way to process and reflect, but sometimes it’s hard for me to let go of my expectations of what that looks like. I try anyways here.

Visit my personal website for more information about what I’m up to these days at rachelvinciguerra.com


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    • Thanks so much!! That sounds like a wonderful goal to have for each year! Your blog is very good and I can tell you’ve been on some excellent adventures too!

  1. Hi Rachelynne…great to see you stopped by on our family blog. Happy travels to you. Will be in touch. Hope to get to Boston area one day in the not too distant future.
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks Martin! I hope you do get to Boston soon, I’ll look forward to reading your posts about it and seeing some more wonderful photographs!
      Keep in touch!

  2. Hi, Rachelynne! I’m so glad you popped up in my wordpress so I could see your wonderful blog–SUPER fun :)! I live near Disney World, which people associate with spending a lot of money. While that’s totally possible ;), there is a lot of great stuff to do for free that I love every bit as much as going into the parks. I’m excited to read more about your adventures, and am jealous that you’re off to one of my very favorite places: NYC. Have a WONDERFUL time!!

    • Aw thanks!! I love Disney World a lot, but you’re absolutely right! I’ll have to post some of those fun free things to do in Orlando sometime soon. I’m super excited for NYC too! Thanks so much for stopping by =)

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog – I’m so glad I saw yours, what a brilliant idea for a blog!! 🙂 Keep posting and good luck on your bucket list!

  4. Say hi to Boston for me. I moved from there about a year ago. Great town! I wish you luck on your travels and I look forward to following them 🙂

  5. Hey Rachel, cheers for the like and comment! Just checked out your blog (albeit briefly) and I think it looks great. I’ll spend some time reading now. Nice to meet you. x

  6. Hey Rachel, I love new blogging friends, & I’m especially praying for you & yours out there in Boston today!!! Hope you’re all safe & sound & getting everything you need after Sandy’s big hit!

    I’m so glad you decided to follow our journey & adventures in Hong Kong! Thanks! We hope you’ll join in the conversation on your next visit to the site… If you make it out here, be sure to look us up & we’ll show you all the free/fun stuff in the area! Blessings to you today!

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