Tuesday's Trifles

Tuesday’s Trifles: My Favorite Posts This Week!

Here’s the picture: I took this in 2007 of the rooftops in Barcelona.

And now for my favorite posts this week!

1. Something’s Occuring: Uluru via Alice Springs! by You Bloody Tourist…
I was immediately drawn to this post because it gave me my first lesson in just how massive Australia is! Feeling very uninformed, I clicked to “read more…” and found the makings of an adventure! I don’t know about you, but I love making travel plans almost as much as I love traveling, and this one sounds like a blast!

2. Children of Asia-Malaysia by Erika Tanith Photography
These photos are so wonderful and vibrant, and judging by the post there are even more to come! Besides, who doesn’t love photos of kids doing kid things in the way only kids can?

One of my favorite things to do is go camping, so when I saw the picture of the campsite on this post I was all ears (all eyes?). I ended up not only getting to see camping pictures, but feeling like I had gone on a wonderful, scenic road-trip across the US. And, at the end, Laura and Kelley make a beautiful revelation. Because isn’t that what should come of all our travels?

4. Alone on the Road by ThroughTheDragonGate
This post was an excellent reflection on traveling alone. Funny at times and poignant at others. You know this one’s good because it doesn’t have pictures and I was hanging on every word.

4. Travel Photo of the Year Contestants by Bucket List Publications
I know what you’re thinking...she’s only picking this one because her photo is up there. And maybe you’re right. But I’d like to think that I would have picked out this post either way. All 18 of the photos are lovely, and it’s just fun to imagine you are in all of those places!

Hope you enjoyed these as well!

Safe Travels!!

11 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Trifles: My Favorite Posts This Week!

  1. Thanks for the mention! I’ll let you know when the other pictures are uploaded too (I have a few!). Always a pleasure to read travel blogs, even when it’s just a daydream 🙂

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