Hearts of the World

Inspired by the overwhelming desire to procrastinate my packing for college, and my love of travel I decided to frame the places I’ve been to hang up in my room at school. It just so happens that this can be a penniless craft!

I bought this frame fairly recently, but the great thing is that you can use any old frame you already have, or even make your own with wood scraps.

All I did was print out a blank map and stick on little red hearts at the places I’ve been to. I thought about putting different colored hearts over the places I’d like to go, but it would cover the map…

Happy Wednesday and Safe Travels!!

4 thoughts on “Hearts of the World

    • That’s Hawaii! Approximately… Haha I actually had a lot of things I should’ve been doing so I wasn’t bored or lacking things to do… Just procrastinating.

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