Kreativ Blogger and Blog on Fire Awards!

Since the start of the New Year, and even a little bit before, I’ve been getting back into the swing of things with The Penniless Traveler. And what better time than the beginning of the year to recognize some milestones?

In addition to reaching 500 likes on this blog last month, I’ve been nominated for the “Kreativ Blogger Award” and the “Blog on Fire Award.” I am so grateful to have been nominated by a couple of wonderful fellow travel bloggers and to be receiving such kind recognition from other bloggers that I admire. Plus I love that these awards are gifts that keep on giving!

Kreativ Blogger Award



The Kreativ Blogger Award was given to me by Snigdha at “GETSETANDGO.” Her blog was one of the very first that I started following regularly when I first started The Penniless Traveler and I’ve been hooked ever since. Gotta love a girl that shares my love of budget travel.

Now that I’ve (1) thanked and linked the nominator and (2) posted the image to my blog, I’ll (3) list 7 things about myself you might find interesting.

1. Even though I go to school in Ohio, I’ve never been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or seen the house from A Christmas Story. (Don’t you worry…I’ll get to it).
2. I’ve never been to Washington, DC. (But it’s on the agenda for this summer).
3. I want to pursue a career in Sustainable Tourism. (It’s like ecotourism plus preserving history, culture and the local economy).
4. I live in the Inter-Faith house at my school. We have a blog too!
5. One of my favorite TV shows is LOST (although I haven’t finished the series yet!) and I went on a tour of some of the places they filmed while I was in Hawaii.
6. I love yoga but can’t handle pilates.
7. Even though a fortune-teller in New Orleans told me I would live by a pond or a lake, I know that when I settle down you can find me by the ocean.

Now to nominate 7 other Kreativ Bloggers! This is my favorite part!

1. Wander One Day is one of my newest favorite blogs. Another girl after my own heart, Jen grew up traveling with her family and loves to make time for it when she can. One of my favorite parts of her blog is when she shares photographs of her fabulous postcard collection.
2. World’s Heritage Travel is another one of my favorites. Full of stunning, clear photography this blogger is attempting to visit as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as they can. What a great goal!
3. 50 Year Project by TBM has long been a blog I admire. A very kreativ way to stay positive in life, this blogger has set some incredible goals for himself.
4. A Lifetime’s Exploration is another great blog I’ve been following recently. I swear this girl has been to all of the places I’m dying to go! And taken some great pictures too.
5. Mom’s Meanderings is a great blog as well. This blogger is not constrained by anything! Her posts cover everything from family time to travel and her photos to go along with them are beautiful.
6. The W-Perspective: Penang is a blog full of beautiful photos taken mostly in Penang, Malaysia. It makes me want to travel there!
7. Bali-Style-Life. Bali has to be the place that most people have told me I HAVE to visit at some point in my life. Not that I’ve been there, but I think this blog really captures the beauty of Bali. The artwork is spectacular.

Blog on Fire Award


This award was given to me by Sarah over at “A Lifetime’s Exploration.” I’m so grateful for this award as well! It reminds me of The Hunger Games…does this make me the girl on fire? Because, if so, I’ll need to get myself a flaming dress.

Here goes! 5 fun facts about me and 5 nominees.

1. The most recent book that I’ve read for fun was “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver.
2. The book I’m currently reading is “A Year of Biblical Womanhood” by Rachel Held Evans.
3. After taking a Botany class last semester, I’m in love with gardening. I even have a few house plants at school with me.
4. I’m a big Bruins fan, but didn’t know there was a hockey strike because I don’t watch sports at school usually.
5. My favorite restaurant is Nebo in Boston.

And my 5 nominees.

1. In and Out of Weeks is a beautifully designed and maintained blog. Sarah is an early education teacher from New Zealand and she shares some of her local and international adventures on her blog. My favorites are her posts about Kenya.
2. Daniel and Kelly Travel is one of my favorite couple’s travel blogs out there. I love following their adventures! Their stories are fun and, best of all, they often post cheap and free things to do!
3. Grown in Southern Ground is Jen’s blog of her goals for the year and for her life. I love keeping up with the progress she’s making and especially seeing all the great crafty gifts she came up with for Christmas time!
4. Bunny and Pork Belly is another great site for photography! Plus, the woman blogger is from Boston–so I’m slightly biased there. Her boyfriend is from Virginia and that gives them some of their motivation to travel, but they also have posts from other parts of the world.
5. Not So Fancy Nancy is full of dogs, interesting history and travel destinations. As a history major, I love some of the 1940s history that she blogs about.

So that’s about everything. Thanks again for the nominations ladies!

Safe Travels all!

7 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger and Blog on Fire Awards!

  1. Washington, DC is one of my favorite cities to visit. I call it history nerd paradise. I’m jealous about your upcoming trip and I hope you share lots of photos. Congrats on the awards and thanks for nominating me 🙂

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