Travel and Sickness: partners in crime

This year, the city of Boston is already experiencing 10 times the number of flu cases than last year’s flu season. With 70 cases last year we’ve spiked up to 700 and already 18 people in the state have died from flu-related causes (mostly the elderly and young children with complications).

After dealing with a cold myself (thankfully not flu as of yet), I can’t help but think about my upcoming flight back to Ohio on Sunday. The fact that I’ve been watching shows about infection (*cough cough* Scrubs and Supernatural) hasn’t helped take my mind of things. School starts next week, so of course I got very ill right before the return flight. That’s kind of how things go, isn’t it? I’m once again faced with the question of whether sickness and travel go together.

I know we’d all like to say “no,” not only do travel and sickness not go together, but I’ve never been sick when I’ve traveled. Unfortunately, I don’t know a single person who can say that.

The memory that sticks out most in my mind, although I’m not really sure if it’s my memory or a memory of my mother reminding me of the incident, was when I was about 6 in Disney World. We were seeing the wonderful, fabulous, “Fantasmic” show in Disney’s MGM Studios (yes, it was called MGM back then). And my fever started to spike.


I have a vague memory of being a little hot when Mickey started shooting flames into the air, but otherwise it’s a little fuzzy. My mom tells me that I had to be carried out of the amphitheater filled with people and taken away in a Disney ambulance. If my memory serves it ended up being a bad case of Strep Throat and I turned out just fine after a little bit of rest and riding the Dumbo ride in Magic Kingdom.

I can’t say that I’ve ever turned down a travel opportunity for being sick, but it sure wasn’t fun. I’m not necessarily looking forward to that return flight on Sunday, but with a little Sudafed and lemon candies during take-off and landing (the doctor’s idea, not mine) I should be fine.

Now let’s swap stories. What travel sickness sticks out for you?

What's your take?

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