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Traveling the world with your sisters

This weekend, and the week leading up to it, has been all about recruitment. Our chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta has been meeting girls the past two days and learning more about each other and the wonderful women of this school.



Tomorrow I’m going to share that to me Theta has meant traveling the world with my sisters. I’ve been on Mission Trips with my sisters and traveled around Ohio and (hopefully) to other countries with them (cross your fingers that we’ll get our grant!). But more than that it’s been their constant, unwavering support of my goals and pursuits.

When I wasn’t sure if I should go to Haiti or not this summer, one of my sisters told me she knew that I could do it, she said I had to take the opportunity. When I traveled alone for the first time I knew they were thinking of me and wishing me well. And they’ve been so positive about my decision to go to India next semester.


The great thing is I learn so much from them too. As a house I bet we’ve been to every continent. Just the past couple of years we’ve had sisters go to Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Denmark, Ireland, and China.

They inspire me to travel and they go with me when I do–in spirit if not in person. This week has made me even more proud to belong to this ambitious, well-traveled group of women.


Safe travels!!

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