Pitch Black Out at ICCA

This weekend our female a cappella group, Pitch Black, traveled to Michigan for the International Competition of Collegiate A capella. We were one of the 9 groups selected for the Great Lakes Region–and the only female group!

image (7)

The 3 hour drive there was a blast and we got to see all the other groups perform. This year 150 more groups than normal auditioned for the competition so it was even more competitive to get into. (Can you say “Pitch Perfect” Fever?).

image (8) image (9) image (10) image (11) image (12) image (13)

I’ve gotta say it did feel a little like we were in an episode of Glee.

I couldn’t have gone with a group of better women. Our set?
“Both of us are Titanium”
“Glitter in the Air”
“I Wanna Dance with Somebody/ Dancing on my Own”

What a great trip.

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