Snowing Again in Central Ohio






Living in Ohio for four years I knew it would be snowy sometimes, but honestly, as a girl from New England, I had no idea how consistently it would snow here. In Boston we get periodic blizzards–I’m talking multiple feet of snow, no school today, don’t leave your house, kind of blizzards. In central Ohio, we don’t really get blizzards, but the snow and rain feels almost constant in the winter time. If I’m not chipping ice off my car I brushing snow off it.

This past week was got only a couple inches of snow–at most, but every time I walked outside I’d end up covering in white, shaking snow off my head at my next destination. In lieu of all the snow, here are my 3 favorite things about snow and my 3 least favorite things.

Least Favorite:
1. I forgot my gloves in Boston so chipping ice off the car gets pretty cold.
2. I have almost no circulation to my feet so even if I’m wearing multiple socks under my boots, my feet freeze.
3. When everything is covered in white, it’s literally so bright outside that I can’t keep my eyes open.

1. Watching the snow from inside is beautiful, especially when you have a house of friends to enjoy it with.
2. Sledding. ‘Nuff said.
3. If it’s snowing, it can’t be too far below freezing!

IMG_4410 IMG_4411 IMG_4412 IMG_4413 IMG_4415 IMG_4416

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