Travel Grants: If you could go anywhere…

So one of the best parts about Ohio Wesleyan University is their Theory-into-Practice-into-Theory Program. TIPIT for short. The way it works is, some big donors give money to the school and students and faculty can propose research grants or service grants to use the money each semester.

Last semester I proposed a research grant to travel to Oahu to study how culture is presented by professionals who are responsible for representing Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures. I included airfare, lodging, food, entrance fees and insurance in my budget and was awarded the full amount. In July of last year I traveled to Hawaii by myself and accomplished the grant. When I returned to school I wrote a paper about my experiences, taught hula lessons for the Dance Department, wrote an article for the Student Newspaper and recently have begun my Independent Study on Tourism in Modern America to put my research into a broader context.


The experience was life-changing and mind-altering. How could I not apply for another one?

This semester I’ve applied for a travel grant to Nepal with a friend. We plan to go on a trek in the mountains near Kathmandu. I want to study how sustainable tourist practices have been implemented in Nepal and my friend wants to study perspectives on English literature in Nepal in the city and the mountains. If we are awarded the grant we will travel for 12 days, mostly on foot, up some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.

Cross your fingers for us! Honestly, I wouldn’t give me any more money, but how can you say no to an opportunity like that?

If you could propose a travel grant, what would you propose?

9 thoughts on “Travel Grants: If you could go anywhere…

  1. As a teacher, I have to love this post! This is exactly how learning should take place, especially when considering how much you brought back to share and TEACH others. I’m glad your university recognizes these enrichment opportunities. Good luck with Nepal. It would make a great study as there’s a lot of controversial volunteer-tourism and simply overwhelming amounts of tourist streaming in these past years.

  2. This is a great way to learn about other cultures and not everyone can travel and bring back the enriched cultural information so I think its a great way to explore the world. I m in Hawaii myself at the moment and living every moment if it 🙂

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