Valentine’s Day in Verona

Don’t you wish you could spend Valentine’s Day in Verona? Perhaps the most famous love story of all–Romeo and Juliet–was set in this small town in Italy. If you follow the narrow cobblestone streets through the village you’re likely to find your way to Juliet’s courtyard from Shakespeare’s tale. Through an archway there are messages of love written on the walls from people all over the world who flock to the courtyard as a kind of literary pilgrimage. Perhaps you write your names on the wall too.

verona1Through the tunnel you can see Juliet’s balcony above you on the right. And the story comes to life. In the courtyard there is a golden statue of Juliet, her right breast slightly worn from all the tourists who touch it for good luck. When I visited the courtyard in high school we were told that it was bad luck for women to touch her breast unless they were pregnant–you can see we all stayed away.

verona2 verona3And finally the love notes. Millions of people leave notes in the courtyard wall that are collected everyday by women in the village. I didn’t know about this wall during our trip so I have no photographs of my own, but what’s more “Valentiny” than an Italian wall stuffed with love notes?


You slip your own note into the wall with love and journey on your way. Back home to your couch and computer screen sitting next to those you love the most.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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