3 Things to Love about 3 Places I Love

One of the promises I made myself before this summer of endless travel was that I would take the time to reflect on each trip before getting excited about the next one. Here I am, two trips down, six to go, so I thought I’d take a moment to remember some things I love about Ohio, Haiti, and New Orleans (the three places I’ve been in the past month, with the exception of Boston which I call home).

I know, Ohio isn’t the most glamorous place in the world and I didn’t strictly “travel” there, but I will miss it this summer–as I won’t be going back until after my study abroad in India in the fall. 7 months is the longest I’ve been away from Ohio in 3 years!

Anyway, here goes. Three things to love about…


  1. The way people refuse to beep at others on the road. I’ve literally seen a car sitting behind another car at a green light without so much as a toot. I’ll tell you something, you don’t see that happen very often in Boston (home of the worst drivers in America).
  2. The way the sky looks so much bigger there. It is flat after all.
  3. The way people smile at even strangers–maybe that’s just Ohio Wesleyan but I’d like to think it’s statewide.



  1. People speaking French and Creole. I was finally starting to pick some of my middle school French back up!
  2. How everyone sings and dances all the time and it’s weird if you don’t.
  3. Waking up every morning to the smell of breakfast food and the sounds of kids singing and walking across the gravel outside our window on their way to class.



  1. How almost everyone we met was originally from somewhere else in the country. Everyone’s story about how they came to New Orleans was so unique.
  2. The way most streets have a wide strip down the middle complete with grass and trees.
  3. The way everyone calls you “honey” or “sweetie” and is more than happy to drop what they are doing and help you out. (That’s been so critical after Katrina without help from the local or federal government, it all comes down to individuals).


On Sunday we’re headed to Disney World for my little sister’s high school graduation present and I can’t fully allow myself to get excited about that trip until I look back on the great ones I’ve been on so far this year.

What are your top 3 things to love about your most recent travel destination?

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