Body-Loving, Full-Length Photo Challenge!

For those of you who don’t keep up with Unbrave Girl’s fabulously witty, wonderfully adventurous blog posts, I’ll fill you in on her most recent diet challenge. You can read the whole post here, but here’s the spark notes version:

  • we don’t always love our bodies as much as we should
  • we often put up with more of our own snarky comments than we would from anyone else
  • and, as Sally puts it, we need to stop being jerks to ourselves

The challenge? Unbrave Girl has challenged her readers to post a full-length photo of themselves in pursuit of acceptance and love of our bodies just the way they are.

So instead of focusing on my freshman-15 today, or worrying that I’m not in good enough shape for the trek coming up next week (there’s nothing I can do about it now anyway), I’m going to appreciate the things I love about my body. Like Unbrave Girl, my collarbones are one of my favorite attributes right after my height at 5’1. Short and sweet, I like to say!

And, in the spirit of acceptance, I’ve picked a photo that I’m facing forward in. I know it’s silly, but in almost all of my full length photos I’m turned to the side to hide just a few of those extra pounds. But here I am, straight on, Peter Pan posed, hands on hips and proud.


Spread the word, fellow travelers, post a full-length photo of yourself as part of the challenge and link your post in Unbrave Girl’s comment section. She’ll put the photos she finds in an body-lovin’ album on her facebook page.

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