Soaking up Sun and Suits in the Capital

Day one in our nation’s capital and less than 24-hours in I’ve noticed some things.

First off, someone needs to turn the heat off. I don’t know who left it on, but it’s starting to  melt my skin. Stepping out of the metro for the first time into the thick, sticky air was like immersing ourselves in a pot of boiling water.

Second, it turns out D.C. is incredibly small. This I knew. And naturally for such a small little district almost everything is in walking distance. So we’ve tied up our sneakers and hit the pavement. It’s incredibly easy to get somewhere if you know your way–which we do about half of the time–the other half of the time it doesn’t take long to figure out our direction with monuments poking up all over the place.

Despite how “walker friendly” the city is, however, I can’t find stairs anywhere. Three times now there has been only an elevator or an escalator with no option for stairs whatsoever. Maybe they figure you’re tired from all that walking around the city and need a break. In the Kennedy Center after an evening performance of Shear Madness patrons piled up at the entrance to the elevators. Each door leading to a staircase that bore the sign, “For Emergency Use Only.” What about for exercise use or for efficiency’s sake? Is the only reason anyone could possibly want to use the stairs in the event of an emergency?

And finally, everyone dresses like they have a hot date with someone from The Newsroom or Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Suits. Suits, everywhere. And blazers. I even dug mine out of hiding because nothing feels more DC to me than a black blazer on a hot summer’s day.

Today we’ll head to the Capital and the Supreme Court for tours we got by contacting our Congressman John Tierney before our trip. And after a very powerful experience at the Holocaust Museum yesterday it has a lot to live up to.

2 thoughts on “Soaking up Sun and Suits in the Capital

  1. NIce post! I’ve been to DC a couple of times, but there’s always been some kind of purpose (school trip, rally, etc). I’m sure it’s lovely to walk around and really be able to *see* everything. And so interesting about the lack of stairs!

    • It was a surprise to me too! Who would have guessed?! It’s been really wonderful just walking around and seeing the sights–and although it is sweltering, the crowds aren’t bad at all!

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