In the World this Week: my favorite posts

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a post about some of my favorite blogs and bloggers. And this week I’m done being selfish, I want to share some of my favorite posts from the world this week with all of you. From the birth of a new prince in England to the 109th birthday of the Waffle Cone in St. Louis, these bloggers know what’s up and not only tell it how it is, but with a style all their own.

photo from mapsof.net

photo from mapsof.net

Sights and Sounds from 2013 Comic Con International by Russel Ray Photos: a perfect summation of all of the excitement and color of Comic Con 2013. If you’re like me and wish you could have joined in on the fun, this post will give you a tantalizing taste.

Wondering by Diary of a Mom: a unique response to the birth of the new prince in England, this mom relates the birth of Kate and William’s son to the birth of her own child with autism. Her response to fellow bloggers comments that her thoughts and wonderings about the new baby were somehow inappropriate or rude is insightful and the post poignant.

Ode to the Waffle Cone by City in a Jar: a short and sweet tribute to America’s favorite ice-cream holder. This post celebrates the 109th birthday of the Waffle Cone in St. Louis–giving us some history and a quick poem to boot.

Gozo Village Life by A Lifetime’s Exploration: a little view through a peep-hole of village celebrations in Malta. Brief but beautiful, a reminder of the spontaneity and uniqueness of other cultures.

Canada Day and Granville Island Market by Caroline: a post to whet your appetite for sweets, Caroline draws us in with some mouth-watering photographs of food and the city of Vancouver.

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