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Evening Rickshaw Ride During Ganpati Festivities

A couple nights ago, Emelia and I got into a rickshaw to travel back home for the evening. The driver asked for a flat rate probably twice what we would have paid if he had agreed to use the meter, and we begrudgingly got into the auto.

Little did we know, we had just picked the cash cab of rickshaws. His rickshaw was filled with flashing lights and was blaring music as we careened through the streets. When we got to Karve Road (one of the larger roads in Pune) I took out my camera to record the Ganpati Festival goings on.

All of those flashing things you see on the side of the street in the video are Ganesh idols on neon stages and the music is coming from them as well as our rickshaw/cash cab.

There are not many things better than taking a rickshaw home at night during the Ganpati Festival.

Ganpati bappa, morya!!

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