So this April Vacation a group of 9 of us from the high school were going to travel to Japan with a little company called EF Tours. Recently EF Tours informed us that they weren’t going to allow for the trip any more because not enough schools signed up. Ms. Burke, the main supervisor for the trip, worked really hard to get a new company to pick up our tour and tonight was the meeting for it. We found out at the meeting that they needed all 9 of us to confirm that we could go and put in credit card numbers to pay for the ENTIRE TRIP that night.

But wait there’s more…EF Tours hasn’t refunded any money yet…so how are people going to put down another however much money when they haven’t even been reimbursed yet! Ms. Burke spent the end of the meeting on the phone with the new company trying to renegotiate the terms of the new trip for a few less people because of how things ended up. So basically now we wait, but it’s not looking so good. I feel like this was a good opportunity to blog because I can tell you what happened and understand it better myself and deal with it.

Obviously everyone is upset, myself included. HOWEVER when you put things in prospective, yes this sucks but there are people all over the world suffering and even less than that there are people that don’t have a chance to travel at all their entire lives. I am so grateful for the traveling that I get to do and I’ve been lucky enough to experience a school trip out of the country (to Italy) and that was one of the best times ever. So ya it really sucks but when it comes down to it it is only a trip and there will be other opportunities for all of us and we are so lucky! How many times do you stop to think how much you have? I don’t do it nearly enough…and I am grateful every single day for everything I’ve been able to do and all the amazing opportunities I have. I know so many incredible people and I’m really thankful to have met everyone I have and all those who I will meet.

Anyways this disasterous travel pandamonium has made me step back and really look at things. So basically to sum up, thank you for reading my blog! Thanks for getting to know me if you have and if we’re friends thanks for that too. I really appreciate every person I’ve come in contact with and all the cool things I’ve been able to do.

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