“Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”

Today will be our first full day at our resort in Ontario. We got our room upgraded so me and Natalie actually have our own room which is really cool. We also have another bigger one for our parents. Today I bought a Canadian DVD which, I’ll admit, might not have been the BEST purchase in the world seeing as I haven’t even seen “Funny People” yet…but it had a maple leaf on it, everything was written in English and French and it had the Canadian rating on the back. When we got back from that extravaganza…which involved a trip to the grocery store where there was, get this, a gluten-free section!! I was very excited about that.

Then when we got back to the room my sister and my mom played “wizardchess.” What’s wizard chess, you ask? Well…it’s quite simple and rather foolish if you ask me…but they played the whole game by blowing the pieces across the board. It was very entertaining.  Meanwhile my dad retaught me poker… so if anyone wants to play 😉

Then…dun dun dun…I had to do stupid history homework. Yes, I am in Canada, where I could be going on a lovely walk, but instead I’m reading the history chapter and preparing to write my essay. It’s a shame really. Anyway other than that it’s pretty cool here both literrally and figuratively. Come visit me, eh?

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