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London Day Two

TODAY we woke up to gluten-free toast at the hotel! The English are so much more in tune with their gluten-free sides than Americans… then we went to see St. Paul’s Cathedral. Very cool. My favorite two events that occurred there are: (1) The marriage of Katherine of Aragon and Arthur Tudor.(2) Queen Elizabeth coming to party there after she won in the Spanish Armada. (3) The Duke of Wellington who defeated Napoleon is also berried there!


My favorite place that we’ve been, I could literally spend a whole week there. It’s got architecture from the 1100s when William the Conqueror built it and some more modern architecture as well, although when I say modern…our country still hadn’t been founded. We got to sit in this chapel in the White Tower where lots and lots of important historical stuff happened. Katherine of Aragon and Arthur Tudor got married there before their marriage in St. Paul’s, Henry VIII also married another one of his wives there although I can’t remember which one it was, Lady Jane Grey waited there to be executed, Henry VIII waited there to hear the outcome of Anne Boleyn’s trial which was, of course, execution, Henry VIII as well as 46 other nights spent at 24 hour vigil there before being knighted, and a ton of other really cool things that unfortunately I’ve already forgotten. We got to go in the Bloody Tower where the two princes were kept who were later supposedly killed by Richard III as well as the gate where their (supposed) bones washed up hundreds of years later in a trunk. We saw where the prisoners were kept and tortured in the tower and the green where many of them were beheaded. We saw the chapel where many of them are buried as well including Anne Boleyn, George Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, and the other wife of Henry VIII that he murdered. We also got to sit on the kings toilet which was something I hadn’t expected to do, and see the real things that they used to torture the prisoners (and the axe).

We also went to tea today which was a ridiculously enjoyable experience. I’m talking…sitting on couches (with Russian Caravan Tea in my case) while they bring you tons of little sandwiches and snacks and YES it was gluten-free for me and Natalie! I ate scones for the first time in a year…and they were really really good. I brought some back to the hotel with me and, to tell you the truth, I’ll probably eat one in a few minutes.

After Tea we went to see Billy Elliott. That show was absolutely amazing and the Margaret Thatcher jokes were hilarious. The kids are so talented!! Go see it…if you can, go see it in London.

And now…before I pass out, it’s off to bed. By the way…I’m 5 hours ahead of all of you U.S.ers =P

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