New England

Boiled Over

“Ralph, come back in here!” my Nonna yelled into the kitchen. “We’ll stop talking about this, just come back in here.” My dad stayed put. Quietly washing dishes and carefully avoiding the nuclear warhead that was our family dinner conversation, he had removed himself from the equation entirely. I wished I had thought of it … Continue reading

Disney Days Gone By

Disney Days Gone By

Disney is anything but penniless, as a matter of fact they just raised their prices of entry into the parks. But despite that fact, and despite the fact that (I assure you) I am a poor college student, my family likes to save up for occasional trips to the happiest place on earth. In celebration … Continue reading

Europe / United Kingdom

London Day Two

TODAY we woke up to gluten-free toast at the hotel! The English are so much more in tune with their gluten-free sides than Americans… then we went to see St. Paul’s Cathedral. Very cool. My favorite two events that occurred there are: (1) The marriage of Katherine of Aragon and Arthur Tudor.(2) Queen Elizabeth coming … Continue reading