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Underneath a Canopy of Colors

Sticking with the England theme in honor of the first day of the Olympics…Covent Gardens, just off King Street in London, England, is a great way to spend the afternoon! It’s arched roofs are often covered with colorful flowers and banners for every occasion. The open air market was used for the flower-seller, Eliza Doolittle, in the movie, My Fair Lady, and it is still an excellent place to purchase flowers. Located in the midst of London’s best theaters and museums it’s a great and easy stop on your trip.

When we visited we walked around chatting with the friendly street vendors. I bought fresh raspberries to eat as we walked and watched scores of street performers showcase their talents. It’s really a whimsical place to spend your day full of free and lovely sites to see. It’s best to walk around a bit and see if you can find any of the secret pathways and passages around the gardens. Taste some of the delicious food at the Real Food Market, which, right now, is open on Thursdays throughout Olympic season! Get yourself some fresh raspberries, strike up a conversation with a new friend, and enjoy the impressive performances along the streets.

Where: King Street, London, England

When: I would suggest visiting in the afternoon

Cost: Free! (you do have to pay for the raspberries, however)

What’s your favorite thing to do in Covent Gardens??

Safe Travels!!

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