Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish




For the next three days I will post the top 3 locations requested in my poll a few days ago! Coming in at number 3, is Italy! One place that you cannot miss, that does not cost you a cent, is the Trevi Fountain. You’ve seen it in the movies. You’ve seen it in pictures. Now see it for yourself. The Trevi Fountain can be quite a tourist trap during the day: hot, stuffy, crowded. But if you play your cards right and visit just after dinner time the fountain will be lit beautifully from underneath, the air will be cool, and the crowds thin. So toss your coin into the fountain and make a wish!

I would also suggest going to the Spanish Steps, just around the corner from the fountain when you go to visit. The steps slope down to a fountain and curve past potted plants and teens holding hands on the steps. Both the fountain and steps are historic and romantic places to visit on your travels. They are of course, must-dos, but I have more Italy tips to come! Stay tuned!


  • Go after dinner time to avoid crowds.
  • Bring a coin to throw into the water.
  • Visit the Spanish Steps first so you can walk down them and then turn the corner to the fountain.

Where: Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Rome, Italy

When: After dinnertime

Cost: Free!

Did your wish come true at the fountain? What’s your favorite time of day to visit?

Safe travels!!

11 thoughts on “Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish

  1. The Spanish Steps hold fun Honeymoon memories for us! That’s where we were when I realized I’d been pick-pocketed on the train! LOL What a trip, at least there was only $100 in my wallet & it was a great way to see how we’d handle unexpected problems in our marriage! HA!

    Glad you liked our recent post about our new memories! We hope you’ll continue to follow & be inspired by our adventures at “Memories on the Journey”. Maybe we’ll see you in Hong Kong soon! -jk

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