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Remembering the Titanic and Lusitania

The Merseyside Maritime Museum is a very appropriate stop to make while you’re visiting Liverpool to satisfy your Beatles-Mania. Liverpool was and is a major shipping town and their history is rich with tales of different seafaring vessels. The biggest exhibit is “Titanic, Lusitania, and The Forgotten Empress” on the first floor of the museum. Displaying artifacts from the three ships, it tells the sad story of each.

I went with my family to the museum in 2010 because we love to sail, and also because my great great grandfather came to America on the maiden voyage of the Lusitania. On the way back to England the ship infamously sank, having been attacked by a German u-boat. This was one of the big pulls for American to enter WWI. Outside of the museum they have the propeller of the Lusitania resting on grass. For us it was meaningful to see a piece of our family’s history there in England.

The museum also has a ship art exhibit, mapping displays, the International Slavery Museum (on the third floor), and for the 2012 Olympics they have a special exhibit on rowing and sailing boats, and preparing for the Olympics called “Racing for the Gold.”

If you’re lucky enough to be in London for the Olympics, that would be really neat to check out.


  • The dock also includes a Beatles attraction if you want to get your Beatles fix here.
  • Check out their facebook page before you go, http://www.facebook.com/TheAlbertDock, they have a lot of exciting photography competitions and special events posted on there.

Where: Edward Pavillion, Liverpool, UK

When: 10AM-5PM Daily

Cost: Free!

What was your favorite exhibit at the museum?

Safe travels!!

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