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Embarrassing Childhood Memory to Bucket List Success

When I got my first retainer in middle school the first thing my friends at school asked me to say was “Mississippi,” needless-to-say this resulted in me spitting all over the place in one of those classic, scarring childhood memories. Luckily, I’ve since gotten over the incident and the Mississippi River has become a place I can check off my bucket list.

This is your chance to get a free sail across the Mississippi. When our Mission Team went to New Orleans to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina we decided we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

We took the Algiers Ferry across the Mississippi to Algiers Point which is just across the river. It’s free to ride on the ferry for pedestrians and only $1 for cars. We had so much fun standing at the railings and soaking it all in.

Once you get across to Algiers Point, a residential neighborhood that completely survived Katrina, you can see statues of famous jazz musicians along the harbor, and eat at some really authentic and absolutely delicious seafood restaurants. We ate at the Dry Dock Bar and Cafe and had a great time! The food was exciting, I ate alligator for the first time, and the servers were very helpful (especially with my gluten allergy).

We weren’t able to stay over there for too long, but I know there are also many beautiful churches and parks to see if you want to make it into a day trip!


  • The ferry alternates between Algier’s Point and another destination so double check that you board the right boat!
  • If you’re inside a car, get out and look at the view! Being that close to the Mississippi is incredible.

Where: Board at the foot of Canal St. by the Aquarium of the Americas

When: 6AM-12:15AM (leaves New Orleans side on :15 and :45, leaves Algiers Point at :30)

Cost: Free! Unless you decide to buy some dinner =)

What is your favorite site to see in New Orleans??

Safe Travels!!

12 thoughts on “Embarrassing Childhood Memory to Bucket List Success

  1. I’ve never been to New Orleans, but used to live just a few blocks away from the Mississippi River in Minneapolis–I had to cross over it at the U of MN to get from my Psych class to Geology :)! I made it to the headwaters once where it starts as a little stream in Itasca, MN–si neat–that park is also free :)!

    By the way, I want to thank you for the wonderful Very Inspiring Blogger nomination! I’m happy to accept, and hope to have my post ready soon–thank you again for the nomination, it was such a surprise!!

    • Not a problem at all!! I’m glad you’re accepting!

      That sounds like a really interesting park to visit!! How neat! If you ever want to do a guest post about it let me know =) Hopefully, I’ll make it there myself someday!

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