Grave of the Unknown Child

So there are a lot of Titanic-related places you can visit in the world, but one that I don’t think a lot of people think to go is the graveyard in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is the final resting place for many of those who died as the ship sank. They were retrieved by sailors from Halifax and brought back to this graveyard to be buried.

The graves are hard to miss in their perfect rows, all made of the same stone. You can go down the lines and read the names and ages of some of those who passed, as well as some “unknowns” for people left to be identified. You can find the name that inspired Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Titanic, and feel very clever because you will know that he wasn’t on the ship as a guest having a wild love affair, although he did get on board by winning a card game. He actually worked in the engine room, and wouldn’t have had much time for romantic trysts.

One of the most memorable graves, however, is the “Grave of the Unknown Child” (who is actually known now). When we visited the grave had flowers and teddy bears propped up against it. Apparently, the man who discovered the identity of the child had been leaving flowers for years until he passed away. The workers at the graveyard hadn’t known who had been leaving them until he passed on and the flowers stopped coming. His grave is just in front of the Titanic gravestones.

A haunting place to visit, but some important history all the same. Anything that separates the individuals from the group in large tragedies like this is important to understanding how these disasters affect each and every person.

Where: 3720 Windsor Street, Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia

When: I haven’t been able to find the hours, but I’m guessing it’s something like 9-5

Cost: Free!

Which Titanic sites have you visited?

Safe Travels!!

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