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Flying Horses

Flying Horses was always our favorite place to go on Martha’s Vineyard when we were little and it’s still a great place to visit, as America’s oldest carousel. Like all good old carousels there is a gold ring to grab and if you get it you get a free ride! The price is a little steep, I think, for a carousel ride, but worth while because of the history. The details on the horses are beautiful and there is an arcade connected where you can play some other games while you’re there.

It is located right by the ocean in Oak Bluffs, a lovely area for a picnic or some photo ops. This is a fairly quick stop during your day, but well worth it to say that you’ve ridden America’s oldest carousel!

Where: 15 Oak Bluffs Avenue  Oak Bluffs, MA

When: Open daily 10AM-8PM

Cost: $2 per ride (I know, it’s a little steep, but it’s under $10 so I figured I’d let you know about it!)

Have you ever caught the brass ring?

Safe Travels!!

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