Tuesday's Trifles

Tuesday’s Trifles: The Top of My List This Week

A sunset on the highway during my road trip this week from Boston to Ohio.

1. A Chihuly Take On Collecting Things on Rosemary’s Blog
This is my favorite post of the week. A really unique sight. Anything that mixes art, travel, and my hoarder-like obsession with collections is good in my book. And she’s got the pictures to back it up.

2. About Two Blocks Away There Be Monsters on Fancy Notions
I guess I have a bit of an unusual art theme this week. This post is very personally written, you feel like you’re there, but you won’t believe your eyes.

3. A Mid-Town Manhattan Afternoon (Includes Tourist Tips!) on Broadside Blog
One of my favorite authors takes you through a Wednesday in Mid-Town Manhattan and brings you along with her for the ride. With an hour by hour update you get to see the city with her wonderful and witty tips.

4. Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge on Cemetery Travel: Adventures in Graveyards around the World
Quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs, this post is a great interpretation of the photo assignment, and also a great travel tip. Perhaps slightly morbid, and certainly lovely.

Hope you enjoyed these too!

Safe Travels!!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Trifles: The Top of My List This Week

  1. Thanks so much for the link!

    Like you, I live to travel and am forever plotting my next getaway. I think people forget (or don’t know) that NYC can offer amazing stuff within only a few easy blocks.

    • It’s easy to fell overwhelmed in such an big city with so many things to do! I’m glad you posted about some of the great little things that might otherwise go unnoticed. You’re right, there’s so much to do even in those few blocks!

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