Tuesday's Trifles

Tuesday’s Trifles: The Cream of the Crop this Week

A sundial at the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park, NYC!

1. To Poland for Pottery at Teaching Internationally
Escape for a day with Sarah as she takes a trip into Poland to shop for some truly beautiful pots. Lovely pictures sprinkled in the midst of a relaxing narrative. Any day.

2. Waiting in Airports at 11,000 miles from Home
Join an adventurer on their various flights around Asia within the framework of those annoying moments waiting in airports. Written well, you can fly half-way around the world with this blogger.

3. Buying Cheese at Kenmare, Ireland at Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly
Cheese. ‘Nuff said.

4. Adventures of Little Si at Devyn the Corgi
Go on a hike with an adorable corgi dog! The pictures in this post are beautiful and it’s a quick escape from your week up the mountain and back again.

Enjoy! Safe Travels!!

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