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Fairy Tale Cottage in Western Mass

A rather quick stop, this fairy-tale house is beautiful…even if just seen from the outside. Affectionately called the Tyringham Gingerbread House, it comes straight out of the fairy tales you read as a kid to sit peacefully amidst the rolling hills of western Massachusetts.

This was stop 3 on our fabulous road trip back to central Ohio. My Dad and I peaked from the outside and took our pictures. Looking at the sign out front we entertained the idea of renting this house for our family sometime. It looks like you can stay there, and they also offer tours of the inside (which is beautiful, according to google) for a small fee.

Since we were just passing through we hopped out of the car, and then back in. I looked up the Santarella House on my clever phone as we drove away and found out that the architect, Sir Henry Hudson Kitson, began to transform this home in the early 1920s. He is also famous for the Minute Man Sculpture in Lexington, Massachusetts.

What makes this home even more romantic? Kitson dedicated his whole life to perfecting it. The roof alone forced him into near bankruptcy, and he spent every day until the end working on completing his masterpiece.

It’s incredible to see something so beautiful up close. Knowing that someone loved it so much that they spent their entire lives caring for it.

Where: Santarella, Tyringham, Massachusetts

When: See Website! You can stop by the road at any time, but tours are pre-arranged.

Cost: Free from the road!

Safe Travels!!

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