Road Trip Recycling

This holiday season, besides cramming in doctor, dentist and other medical appointments before returning to the flat land that is Ohio, we’ve been visiting family in NH and NY to have Christmases number 2 and 3.

Maybe it’s my newfound obsession with creative recycling, but I’ve been noticing all sorts of neat, crafty ideas on our travels this week.

We saw this bottle with colored waxes dripped down the sides at Rafferty’s in North Conway, NH (an absolutely incredible restaurant with the largest gluten-free menu In New England!! We could have eaten there for the rest of our lives and been completely and utterly content).


At Margarita’s near Bartlett, NH we spotted this neat sign. I don’t know if you can see in the dark picture but it reads “Forgot yours? Borrow ours!” with glasses hanging underneath. Perfect for the uncle who’s embarrassed to carry his glasses with him…


And you never know what will turn up in your own home! We spotted these neat place mats at my Aunt and Uncles in upstate New York.


Forget starting fresh in the New Year, I’ll be upcycling the crap I already have!

Safe travels!!

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