A New Year’s Makeover

After another semester of college has led to an almost complete neglect of my blog, I realize it is time for a few changes, a little restructuring. In the New Year look forward to the new and improved Penniless Traveler.

No longer posting about exclusively free activities every day… I’m loosening the rules. I’ll share some of my travel adventures, travel tips and general thoughts on travel. As always–focusing on those things that are penniless or nearly so.

I’ll still happily accept guest posts and occasionally point out my favorite posts of others with Tuesday’s Trifles, but there’s plenty more to come!

Part of my New Year’s Resolution, alongside getting more physically active and learning a little French everyday, will be devoting time and energy to The Penniless Traveler so that I can share something new with you every day.

Safe travels and best of luck in the New Year!

What's your take?

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