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Celtics Graffiti and Boston’s Newest Statistic

Tonight we ventured into Boston for our traditional dinner at Nebo during my break from school. Man, is that good gluten-free food or what? I’m already craving the leftovers for tomorrow.

It was a busy night in Boston, the Celtics were in town. And in honor of the Celtics win tonight and an upcoming post on signs I thought I’d share this photo.

We pass it every time we park in the garage for the short walk to Nebo, but tonight it was looking particularly spiffy.


Boston has been in the news a little bit lately. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we’ve been ranked the number 1 drunkest city in America by The Daily Beast for the second year in a row. I’m not exactly sure how to feel about this. My first thought is to be proud. After all, we are the best at something!

But then my logic and source-questioning comes into play. Why are we the drunkest city? What’s the data based on? According to WBUR’s article the average number of drinks per month for an adult in Boston is 15.6. That’s roughly a drink every other day or four-ish on the weekends…depending on how you roll. So far, so good. It could be worse, right? I guess the problem here is that four-ish drinks a week is our average. Which means there are a considerable number of adults who drink even more than that. Although I’m doubtful that other cities don’t have similar figures.

Ok, next statistic, 20.1 percent of Bostonians are classified as binge drinkers. I have a theory behind this one. Boston is FULL of colleges, I mean full. Just ask my parents–they can’t understand why my sister and I both couldn’t seem to pick a school in the nearest city. Colleges have a tendency to encourage that kind of drinking, especially in cities.

Plus there are the sports fans. Need I say more?

I have to say, I love this city. My only explanation is this: work hard, party hard?

Safe Travels!!

3 thoughts on “Celtics Graffiti and Boston’s Newest Statistic

  1. oops I am getting confused and flustered with all these awards and things… you are actually nominated for ‘Blog on Fire Award’! Hope you will accept and keep up the good work!

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