Holy Guacamole!: Something Delicious for Dessert
Continental US / New England

Holy Guacamole!: Something Delicious for Dessert

Mid-day Saturday, we were exhausted from wandering the floor of Boston Comic Con and our stomachs were grumbling. One look at the line for food in the Seaport World Trade Center sent us across the street to search for food at Rosa Mexicano. When we saw the “gluten free menu” option listed on the sheet … Continue reading

New England

Boiled Over

“Ralph, come back in here!” my Nonna yelled into the kitchen. “We’ll stop talking about this, just come back in here.” My dad stayed put. Quietly washing dishes and carefully avoiding the nuclear warhead that was our family dinner conversation, he had removed himself from the equation entirely. I wished I had thought of it … Continue reading