How do you record your travel memories?

How do you best remember your travels?


This is a question that’s been on my mind a lot lately. I maintain a blog (for the most part), keep a hand written journal, take photographs on my iPhone, and occasionally scrapbook or make a slideshow about my adventures. Each of these serves as a tool to help me recall memories made on the road. And trust me, I need it because I have the memory capacity of a small insect.

But if you could only pick one method of recording your travels, what would it be?

7 thoughts on “How do you record your travel memories?

  1. I would choose a handwritten journal, something real and tangible that you can draw on to spark up your memories and conjure up images in you mind of the amazing places and experiences. Plus you can bend the rules a little here and keep sketches, photos and ticket stubs in the journal too!

    • I’m also a big fan of hand-written journals. Even though I blog, I can’t help myself. Something about journalism is more personal and it’s nice to reread from your own handwriting years later. Also a big fan of bending the rules =)

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