A Moment of Stillness in the Largest Campus Chapel

Today I found myself in Gray Chapel (or University Hall) as it’s called on our course schedules. I don’t have any classes in this beautiful building this semester, but I had to run in for some reason today and was a little taken aback by the quiet. Everyone must have been in class because the main corridor outside of the chapel was empty and still.


I snapped a few pictures of the flags that hang from the ceiling–representing the many countries students at OWU come from, as well as the magical mirror and some lovely stonework.

image (1)

The mirror once lived in the White House and was a gift of Lucy Hayes and Ruthorford B. Hayes (Delaware, Ohio’s claim to fame). They donated the gift to the school where they were also alumni. I was told that on my first day of school if I looked in the mirror, the person I saw over my shoulder would be the person I would end up marrying. As it turns out, I didn’t go to the mirror on my first day of class–something about being a completely frazzled freshman–and now I’ve probably missed by little window of foresight.  Ah, well.

It’s still a lovely building. It was nice to have a moment to appreciate it today among my hectic schedule.

image (2)

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