The Opposite of Ordinary

On Wednesday evening I drove from Ohio Wesleyan to Oakland University in Michigan for the American College Dance Festival in our region. The drive was a little over 3 hours, give or take 20 minutes for the brief time we spent trying to navigate the streets of downtown Detroit.

As one of the only schools represented here without a dance major offered, we often feel like we stick out. We don’t have many dance classes at our school–heck, we don’t even have a regular ballet class. But our attitude this year is just to embrace it. Take every opportunity, follow every whim, and just have a blast. After all, we may never see each other again, who cares if you take Advanced European Contemporary Dance and suck? You’re not bothering anyone by trying something new.

The conference has been incredible so far: full of new and interesting classes, great lectures and beautiful, innovative dances.


Tonight we went to an all-conference dance party. Because, what else is there to do after dancing for 6 hours, but dance some more? We may not have been able to do some of the twerking that was going on, we did a little modern and contact improv in the corner…because that’s who we are, we are OWU and we are the opposite of ordinary.


What's your take?

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