Butt Hut…

We left Michigan today, after a wonderful dance conference to head back to our home sweet home in Ohio. Sad to go, we knew that we tried new things, shared our ideas with other schools, learned form them, worked our muscles to the point of exhaustion, and were open to every experience that awaited us.

Some of the highlights were:

  1. A contact improv jam late at night after dancing for 6 hours that day. There’s nothing like partnering with complete strangers–so must trust!
  2. A class on Simplicity in Choreography taught by the one and only Heidi Latsky. It’s incredible how moving simple improvised tasks can be.
  3. A wonderful musical theater class with the dance professor from our school! That’s something we never get the chance to do at OWU.
  4. Watching some of the most inspiring and innovative choreography I’ve seen in a long time in the showcases every evening. Everything from silent synchronized group dances motivated by the dancer’s breathing to a jazzy narrative dance to some of my favorite Mika songs.
  5. Getting a chance to bond with some really lovely dancers from OWU. We all got along so well and the weekend was surprisingly drama free!

On the drive home this morning…at the ungodly hour of 7 a.m. we were all starting to doze off a little when we saw this gem along the highway. What a way to end the weekend. At the butt hut.

image (20)

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