Happy Holi!

Yesterday was Holi (the festival of colors) for Hindus around the world. (The Atlantic did a fabulous photo spread about it).


But today, it was Holi at OWU.

holi2 holi3 holi4

Some of the students from Southeast Asian countries organized the event on the lawn outside of two of the dorms. People sprayed hoses and threw clouds of colored powders into the air.

Holi celebrates the beginning of spring and is held on the last full moon day of February or March (depending on the year). According the wikipedia, during Holi the social norms are lowered for the day. Men, women, children, adults, rich, and poor are all equal and can celebrate the end of winter together.

It was the perfect spring day for it. Sometimes we don’t appreciate just how wonderful the international students on our campus are. How many other campuses have such an open and welcoming group of students to celebrate Holi with?


Happy Holi to you!
Wherever you are and whatever you believe in.
Today’s a day for celebration.


Photos taken by Kelsey Ullom.

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