My Far Too Fabulous Summer

This summer is going to be incredible. I mean, every summer is incredible, but I’m just going to take a moment to get really excited about my travel plans for this year. I’ve never been to so many countries, so far apart, in such a short period of time before!


Destination 1: Les Cayes, Haiti. I’ll be working with some other OWU students at an orphanage (Proje Espwa) for 10 days in May. We’ll arrive on my birthday May 14 (I literally cannot think of a better birthday present) and leave the following week.

Destination 2: New Orleans, LA. I’ll be traveling to New Orleans with two good friends for Women’s Rebuild Week with the St. Bernard Project!

Destination 3: Disney World. Orlando, FL. Going to Disney with my family in the beginning of June for my sister’s graduation present. I’m especially excited to get to stay in the new Treehouse Villas! They even tried to be environmentally-friendly when they constructed the villas! 5,178 tons, or 65.22 percent, of materials from demolition were recycled, including concrete and metals. Plus, after spending a semester learning about tourism in modern America it will be extra fun to visit Disney.

Destination 4: Kathmandu, Nepal. I will be going, on a grant, with my friend Ellie to trek in Nepal. While we’re there we’ll be doing research about sustainable tourism practices as well as English literature in Nepal. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the religious temples.

Destination 5: Washington, DC. I’ve never been there! And finally, my family is taking me at the end of July.

Destination 6: Nature. We’re going camping, man!

Destination 7: New York City for the Interfaith Youth Leadership Conference.

Destination 8: Pune, India from mid-August through December for my fabulous semester abroad.

I am SO lucky. And I can’t wait to post from all over the world!

What are your fabulous summer plans??

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