Nola 2013: The Adventure Begins

Today we took a trip to the library so I could go through some archives at the New Orleans Public Library and while we’re here, soaking in the internet access, I figured I’d upload my post about our first day in New Orleans!

Today (Sunday) I touched down in New Orleans, Louisiana. After the four day break in Boston after Haiti, I was ready for some sunshine and humidity. My friend, KP, picked myself and our friend, Fig, up at the airport in our shiny white rental car from Texas. We haven’t quite figured out how to open the trunk or lock the car…but we’ll get there.

After a trip to the grocery store to stock up on food and booze we headed back to our little beach house. The house is so cute and we were met by a “Welcome Volunteers” sign hung over the porch. Without wasting a moment in this lively city we headed to Greek Fest a few blocks down.

“Greekfest New Orleans on the Bayou” was filled with middle-aged people dressed in togas, wine bottles in hand, singing and dancing along to the Greek band on stage. The smell of gyros, lamb, and feta fries filled the air. We walked through the crowds to an open spot on the grass facing the stage and soaked in the sun, sounds, and sights of a New Orleans festival.

After a quick drive around town to see the willow trees and Spanish moss and sit for a moment along the banks of Lake Pontchartrain, we headed back to our mid-town beach house. It’s going to be a good week.

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