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Barcelona on a Budget

A guide to Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city located in the northeastern region of Catalonia in Spain. This city is known for its architecture and can be explored on a budget. Most of the city can be explored on foot, and sightseeing has no charge. The city’s markets and tapas bars make dining simple for those on a budget.

Explore the landmarks.

Casa Batlló photo by  Melissa Delzio

Casa Batlló photo by Melissa Delzio

Barcelona is a city that can be explored on foot. Many of the city’s main landmarks are located in the city center, a short distance away from each other. The city’s main landmark is Gaudí’s unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral. This cathedral is known for its façades, and each façade is decorated with carved sculptures. The fee for exploring the inside of the basilica is pricey and the queues are long, and the most impressive views of the cathedral can be enjoyed from the outside, which has no charge.

In the centric Eixample district visitors will find two other major landmarks that were designed by Gaudí. These two landmarks are the Casa Batlló and the Casa Milá. Casa Batlló is ancient mansion with a sandstone facade that is covered in trencadis, colorful mosaic pieces. The nearby Casa Milá is La Pedrera, a large building with a wavy stone facade. Visitors will be able to climb up to the rooftop, which is decorated with chimneys in the shape of warrior statues. From here visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the city center. Tickets for these two attractions are around 15€ per visit, and observing the intricate facade of each building from the street has a price of zero euros.

Visit the Boquería market.

Boquería Market photo by Luis Marina

Boquería Market photo by Luis Marina

Las Ramblas is a set of main streets that cross the city center from the Catalonia Square to the Columbus statue by the sea. These streets are known for their large boulevards filled with flowers stalls, street performers and terraces. Just off these streets visitors will find the Boquería Market, a large indoor market known for its many colourful stalls. Visitors will be able to buy fresh fruit smoothies with ice, local fruit, organic vegetables and some cured ham for a very cheap price and then enjoy a picnic on the city’s Barceloneta beach. Inside the market visitors will find one of the city’s most popular tapas bars, the El Quim tapas bar.

Tapas are a popular dining option for those on a budget. These complimentary appetizers are served with each drink ordered in many of the city’s bars, and typically after several drinks visitors are filled with cod on bread, doughy croquettes, olives, spicy potatoes and pimientos del padrón peppers.

Spend an afternoon in a park.

After exploring the city’s buildings and cathedrals visitors will be able to enjoy a stroll in a park. The Parc Güell is located on the El Carmel hill in the city’s Gràcia area. This park was designed by Gaudí. There is a large observation deck decorated with a tiled bench that is famous for its views towards the city and the sea. Under the deck there is a porch area with thin bony columns that can be rented for events. Visitors will be able to visit the house where the architect lived, which has been transformed into a museum. The park’s paths have fountains decorated with trencadis tiles.

Another main park is the Ciutadella park, located closer to the city center. This park has many attractions, including several museums and a zoo. The park’s two main museums are the Martorell Museum, known for its facade decorated with Doric columns, and the Laboratory of Nature, a castle which has several exhibits form the city’s Natural Sciences Musuem. Visitors will be able to rent a boat and row across the park’s lake to the Cascada fountain, a fountain decorated with a Venus statue and iron decorations. Price per boat is around 6€ for two people and 10€ for four people.

Walk around the Gothic Quarter.

The city’s Gothic Quarter is one of its most popular districts. There are many designer hotels and backpacker hostels in this area, next to bars and restaurants that have reasonable prices. Known for its narrow cobblestone stones and Gothic architecture, this district offers many cultural activities. Visitors will be able to visit the city’s Gothic Seu cathedral and the nearby cloister, which has several geese. The are several squares with cafés, including the small Plaça del Pi where a church with a large stained glass window is located. In the nearby Plaça Vila de Madrid visitors will be able to take a stroll in a recently renovated park. The Portal de L’Angel street is one of the district’s main avenues, filled with boutique shops and designer stores.

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