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A Quick Update from Bangalore

More detailed posts to come, but I thought I’d just take a second to go through some of the highlights of the past few days in Bangalore. On Friday afternoon myself and two friends grabbed a cab to the airport in Pune for the beginning of our week-long Diwali break. A few hours later we touched down in Bangalore where we were met by my friend, Aara’s, wonderful mother. The past three days have been a mix of relaxation, family time to satiate our home-sickness, and the sights and sounds of firecrackers going off in the streets.

If I had to pick the top 5 moments these would be them.

1. Eating delicious home-cooked Indian food with an incredibly warm-hearted and generous family. They opened up their home to three random college girls from Pune and we will be forever grateful for their kindness.

2. Riding the Bangalore metro. It’s only 2 years old and, although it doesn’t seem like it has caught on with much of the city population, it’s one of the best public transportation systems I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of a mix between the London metro and the monorail at Disney World because it gives you a beautiful view overlooking the city from a raised railway. (It was especially beautiful to ride as the sun was setting).

3. Setting off firecrackers for Diwali. To be fair, I didn’t actually set any off myself for fear my face would burn off with the crackers, but it was a blast to watch and take pictures of the fun.

4. Walking through the Lalbagh Gardens. They were absolutely beautiful and very expansive. It’s always so nice to find a peaceful place in the heart of a busy city.

5. Just driving around the city and getting a feel for things while listening to the radio. It’s incredible how comforting it is to hear familiar American radio music after going a few months without riding in a car.

But that’s just the beginning of it, we also spent lots of time resting, reading and relaxing. I can’t wait to upload some of the pictures I took from Diwali celebrations. I’m realizing more and more the longer I’m in India that this country really knows how to celebrate life.

Happy Diwali all! Today I head off to Kerala for three days on a houseboat.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Update from Bangalore

  1. So strange this. I live in Bangalore but the past few days I was away in Hyderabad, visiting in-laws! Hope you have a great time in Kerala. Wish I could have met you in Bangalore! Yet to meet a fellow blogger in real life! 🙂

    • That would have been great!! Let me know if you find yourself in Pune in the next few weeks. I know I’ll be back to India someday soon, though, so we may just have to meet up again next time =)

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