A Little Morning Dance

A few days ago, one of our good friends and a long term volunteer had her final morning at Espwa. The two of us walked over to the girl’s village together to hang out with some of the girls and give her a chance to say goodbye until next time. When we arrived the village was quiet, there were no girls inside the domes and, at first, all we could hear was the faint sound of music coming from inside the home on the far left.

We walked towards the music led by one of the two girls who stayed behind. Swinging the gate open and shutting it behind us we realized we’d just walked into morning baby dance time. While all the other girls were taking English classes–taught by the older boys during the summer months–the babies were spending the morning dancing to the radio.

I can’t remember many times that I’ve been happier than that morning. We spent the next two hours or so dancing, picking up the kids to switch beds, and playing. I am so thankful that we get to spend the next year with these kiddos. It’ll be so exciting to see them grow up and some of them even start school in this fall.





Sonice and Jakson

Sonice and Jakson




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