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A Park in the Sky

I’ve been to NYC a few times now, maybe even several, and I have never heard of The High Line before. Until now. My family and I went to this park not knowing too much about it. I suggested that we go, knowing that it was once a railroad above the city streets which has since been turned into a park. Boy is that an understatement.

The park is a little more than half a mile long and walkways have been built between the old railroad tracks, surrounded by plants and grass, giving it an overgrown look. Each leg of the path is different, and there are always places to sit, people to entertain, and ice cream to eat.

The first thing we saw after climbing the steps to reach the park was the movie screen where they show films on some nights throughout the week. Further towards one end of the park we noticed our first statue. There are art pieces all over the park, ranging from traditional statues, to fruit on carved sticks, to audio art. We tried to spot all of the pieces as we walked the path, sometimes it was just easier to look for the informational plaques first.

After reaching the first end we turned around and walked back the length of the park. We passed people lounging in reclining chairs, tables of folks eating ice cream, a grassy area where children were playing, an area with water running over the floor to dip your feet into, and performers and artists. A man playing the tuba, a man painting from inside a box, a folk band, and a boy with a typewriter. His sign read, “I will write you a story.”

There is so much eye candy at this park, both man-made and natural and the perspective from the park provides some unbeatable views of the city. It kind of struck me as the antithesis of the highway. Instead of industrialization cutting through vast stretches of natural landscapes, this natural park cuts through massive industrialization. A nice change if you ask me.

I can’t believe we haven’t been here before! I think this is a must-see in New York City.


  • We were there around 5 or 6 and the crowds weren’t too bad. I would imagine it’s hot there at noon, and it was nice to be there as the sun was beginning to set.
  • Keep track of your hydration! There are artsy water fountains all over the park, but somehow my family managed to get dehydrated. Be careful!

Where: Along 10th Avenue, between 9th and 30th, Manhattan, New York

When: Monday-Friday 7AM-10PM

Cost: Free!

Which piece of eye candy was the most delicious??

Safe travels!!

7 thoughts on “A Park in the Sky

  1. This looks like a great blog. I’ll be following you. Thanks for visiting my site. Hope you make it to California some day soon. Best wishes with your studies. 🙂

  2. Okay this post is from last summer, but you’ve made me miss the High Line even more than I already do! I’ve never been there when they have random art scattered everywhere, that’s so cool! Making a date to go down to the city now 🙂

    • Yay! Yeah, I don’t know if we just lucked out or what, but I got the impression it gets pretty lively and artsy during the summer months. I hope you can make a trip there soon =)

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