A Lifetime’s Exploration

Sarah Ryan, blogger of “A Lifetime’s Exploration,” graciously awarded me her new Inspirational Travel Blog Award–although I’ve been shamelessly neglecting to penniless travel, what with finals and all coming up. In any case, many thanks to her for her kindness and now I get to pick 5 other inspirational bloggers!

1. thewanderlustgene.wordpress.com A beautiful and most-definitely inspirational blog.

2. wilderless.wordpress.com Full of lovely photographs and some vintage travel inspiration and history.

3. babytakesberlin.wordpress.com Such a sweet blog idea, full of yummy foods and adventures in Berlin.

4. enchantedbluetravelingbunny.wordpress.com Lots of fun, and a travel blog done well–it draws in other travel articles as well.

5. markingourterritory.wordpress.com One of my favorites, such a unique angle to see the world from!

So, thanks again Sarah for the award! And for all you nominees you can find instructions for the award here: http://sarahryan85.wordpress.com/win-an-award/


Have a lovely day! I’m looking forward to posting some more at the end of this semester!

Safe Travels!!

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