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I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

Hello out there penniless travelers! I wanted to assure you all that I have not fallen off the face of the earth–pretty darn close though. As many of you may have guessed I’m back at college, and I’ve discovered that being here doesn’t allow me much time to travel, much less to write about it. So first off, I’d like to apologize for anyone who was following my daily posts! I won’t be able to keep them up during the school year, but I will definitely be putting up some more tips from trips over my school breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break in March).

I’m hoping to be doing quite a lot of traveling this summer, so you can look forward to posts from all over the world there. I’ll fill you in on my stops later =)

In any case…here are some of the penniless activities I’ve been up to:

Taking a walk in Mingo Park and learning the history of the Delaware Tribe that gave its name to Delaware, OH.

Hearing President Obama speak at OSU with free VIP tickets!

Seeing Romney roll into Delaware, OH where I go to school!


Hearing Michelle Obama speak on my campus!


Hearing Rebecca Skloot, author of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” speak at OSU! Free! Front row!

SO that’s what I’ve been up to! I’ll try my best to sneak in a post every now and then. Sorry again for leaving everyone hanging!!

Safe travels!!


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