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Graduation Vacation takes Downtown Disney

Today we arrived in sunny Florida after a quick 3-hour plane ride from up north. I finished reading “20-something Travel” on the flight so be on the look out for a review of that soon.

Stepping out into the muggy Florida air you can feel the heat wash over you in a wave, but you’re not often in the heat for long as jaunts outside are conveniently sandwiched between air-conditioned spaces indoors.


From Saratoga Springs (where the graduates got their celebration buttons) we took a golf cart ride through the woods to our abode in the forest: a tree house villa. The house is beautiful. Raised up on stilts the warm green curtains can be pulled back to reveal the shade of the forest canopy beyond.



Without stopping for too long we headed into Downtown Disney via riverboat–where you can actually find plenty of things to see and do fairly cheaply.


We got the star treatment at Planet Hollywood where pictures were taken of the high school graduates in front of the green screen and we filled ourselves with food. We spent some time walking around and shopping–seeing the sights of Downtown Disney.





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