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Doling out Compliments in Disney

Today we had an incredible discovery at Disney that I simply have to share with you. If you ever plan to go to Disney World–listen up!

At dinner this evening at Mama Melrose’s at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, my mom overheard the next table asking to give their waitress special recognition for a job well done. She asked the manager how we could do the same and in a few short minutes we were holding an “Applause-O-Gram” in our hands.

An “Applause-O-Gram” is essentially a thank you note to a cast member at Disney who makes your day just a little more magical.

After our fabulous bellhop on Tower of Terror left us laughing so hard we we’re crying, we had to find it if there was a way to write him a gram as well. Traveling with a group of theater girls, they really appreciated his commitment to his character and absolutely hilarious quips. As the elevator door was closing he reminded us to “buckle up or you’ll fling out of the ride and ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.”

We burst into laughter as the doors closed and later asked how we could recognize his performance in the gift shop. They told us we could write “Applause-O-Grams” at Guest Services that would find their way to the appropriate cast members.

It’s really nice to know that we can thank individuals in a way that I’m sure makes them feel important and recognized in a place with so many people they probably feel like they go by unnoticed. They’ll see a typed up version of our gram and I imagine it will also be filed away for future employment opportunities.

So when you go to Disney, take a mental note of that fabulous janitor’s name and remember to tell him just how wonderful he was on your way out of the park.



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