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8 Little Things to do in EPCOT

EPCOT in Disneyworld has always been my favorite park. And while I do love the well-known rides, some of my favorite things to do are the lesser known activities. Here’s a list of my top 8.

1. Spend some time in world showcase in the different countries. Try some food from Italy, watch an acrobat show in China, meet Alice in England. Each country is designed so when you step into it you are entirely enveloped and really get the impression that you’re there.


2. See the shows. Most countries in the showcase have performances and comedy shows. They’re pretty short and usually not too crowded. Plus you might just get picked to star in the performance. (the photos below are of the World Showcase Players and the British Revolution in England).



3. Try designing and riding your own roller coaster in Innoventions at the Sum of all Thrills.



4. Learn something new about environmental sustainability in Innoventions.


5. Try soda from around the world for free at the Cool Spot across from Innoventions.


6. Play the Agent P game as a secret agent in world showcase and stop Dr. Dofenshmirtz Phineas and Ferb style. (each secret mission takes you to a new country and lasts for about 30 minutes).


7. Try out some of the lesser-known rides like Figment and Captain EO. There’s never a line and who doesn’t want to see Michael Jackson shooting rainbows out of his chest?


8. Enjoy the sunset around the world.



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