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Something Delicious in the Air: Best Italian Food in Boston

Happy Friday! For my first of many “Something Delicious” Friday posts, I want to share my favorite restaurant in Boston with all of you: Nebo.



photo from Boston Common Magazine

The Pallota sisters, Carla and Christine, recently moved the restaurant from the North End to Atlantic Wharf, but offer the same delicious meals (with a few new additions) in a stunningly beautiful wood and brick dining room along the greenway. The new bar section is enormous and filled with stylish young business people retreating to the upscale restaurant after a long day of work–sipping on wine, cooling off with an ice cold beer. The restaurant offers indoor seating among sleek black tables beneath a towering brick ceiling, and outdoor seating where you can feel the cool breeze off the ocean and people watch on the green to your heart’s content.

Despite some frustration with the new oven which is temporarily out of commission, the menu is

Mussels in Marscapone Cream Sauce (photo: Nebo Website)

Mussels in Marscapone Cream Sauce (photo: Nebo Website)

filled with other (non-pizza) dishes to sink your teeth into. And if you’re gluten-free like me, the extensive celiac-friendly menu is enough to make any girl’s mouth water. I usually opt for the pasta: traditional pasta piseili with olive oil, peas, parmesan, and an array of spices; spaghetti bolognese; or the famous “Throwdown!” winner, zucchini lasagna. But you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu including the tantalizing appetizers: rice balls, prosciutto and the like.

The food alone is enough to keep you coming back for more, but my favorite thing about Nebo is the atmosphere.

You can feel the Pallota family in every inch of the building and in every bite of the food–much of which comes from mom’s traditional Italian recipes.


The stunning black and white photos that line the walls were taken by members of the family on various trips to Italy. The photo of the crowd of people walking along a narrow alleyway was taken in the 1950s by Carla and Christine’s father. The photo of swaying trees cloaked in fog was taken by the sisters on a recent trip to Italy. And, my favorite, the photo to the left side of the door as you exit shows two nuns walking down a cobblestone road: reflective of the two sisters who own the restaurant.


The cover of their postcard is an image from a family dinner years ago, their mother and father a beautiful nostalgic vision of old Italy. The matches bearing another photograph of their father from the same era.

There’s something in the air here that you just have to breath in to understand. If you haven’t been yet, strap on some heels, grab your purse and get going–oh, and don’t forget to call for reservations on your way over.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, take a look at this review from the Boston Globe and enjoy something delicious this Friday.

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