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Holy Guacamole!: Something Delicious for Dessert

Mid-day Saturday, we were exhausted from wandering the floor of Boston Comic Con and our stomachs were grumbling. One look at the line for food in the Seaport World Trade Center sent us across the street to search for food at Rosa Mexicano. When we saw the “gluten free menu” option listed on the sheet outside the door we were sold. The gluten-free menu is extensive and both menus offer delicious upscale Mexican cuisine made with all fresh ingredients. My sister and I ordered gluten-free enchiladas and our dad ordered vegetarian tacos. And while that food was enough for me to blog about, I want to tell you about the Guacamole ice cream.

You heard me right.

In honor of Rosa Mexicano’s ice cream festival (July 31-August 25) they have prepared a menu full of Mexican-inspired ice creams. But the most outlandish, extravagant and delicious among them, is the Guacamole de Postre. Like their traditional guacamole, the dessert is prepared in a porous stone bowl in front of your table.

the gluten-free version of the dessert

the gluten-free version of the dessert

In goes the sweet avocado ice cream as the waitress stirs the mixture with wooden spoons, then the white chocolate shavings and coconut crunch, and finally mint leaves and raspberries. On the side, she places a sweet fruit topping and a dish of chocolate to drizzle on top. The gluten-full version comes with a cinnamon sugar Buenuelos and the gluten-free version comes with cinnamon sugar corn chips.


And let me just tell you, those ingredients shouldn’t go together, they make very little sense together and probably wouldn’t be invited to the same parties. But after taking one bite of the dish, I will never doubt their compatibility again. Sweet and savory, tangy and refreshing.

If you can, try to get to Rosa Mexicano for a taste before the end of their ice cream festival and have something delicious this Friday.

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